Grow Your Own Beer Hops Plant Kit Sale

Grow Your Own Beer Hops Plant Kit

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This is a grow your own hops (beer) plant kit which comes with everything you need. Hops are the female flower cluster of the plant, which belong to the hemp plant family that grow wild though out the northern hemisphere. They are a fast growing plant that has heart shaped leaves. Hops have many uses in brewing and medicine Todays Hops are agricultural crops which are an essential ingredient for making beer.

Whats in the kit?
2 x Large terracotta coloured plant pots.
2 x Professional soil pellets.
2 x Plant Pot trays.
2 x Wooden label sticks.
Packet of seeds.
Instruction booklet on how to grow and take care of your new arrival.

The germination and growing results are the purchasers responsibility and depend on many factors such as planting time, seed depth, watering, light and weather conditions. These factors are out of Plant From Seeds control and Plant From Seed or any company selling this product can not be held responsible for non germinating seeds.